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Over the past 2 decades, Global Amentities has been suppling the hotel and the travel industries with an extensive range of hotel guest room amenities and toiletries. We strive to offer exceptional value through innovation, customer service and quality excellence. Our customers range from independent hotels to large renowned international hotel groups across the globe.


We offers a variety of different options, from bathrobes to soaps and much more, to fulfill many, if not all, of your hotel amenities and supply needs. With exceptional quality and after-sales care, we want to ensure that your experience with Global Amenities is the best it could possibly be.

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hotel amenities supplies

Global Hotel Amenities offers a tailor-made service.

Looking for a customized line designed to your own taste? When the amenities carry your hotel logo, they become special and distinctive, and you understand very well hotel amenities are an essential part of your guest experience. Our cosmetic products use top-quality ingredients and are produced according to restrictive regulations. They are guaranteed to leave a positive and lasting impression.


Our amenities has all the complete items in different varieties of fragrances, packaging and sizes that you will need in a guest room - shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, bath soap, facial soap, body lotion, slippers, bathrobes and much more. Whatever you need, we have it! Check out our customized products now.