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With our professional experience of over 20 years, Global Hotel Amenities can provide you with hundreds of options to make your guest's stay a distinctive experience. We offer a full line of high quality hotel amenities, and hotel toiletries at competitive prices. We can manufacture a variety of guest room amenities to your precise specifications. We offer everything your guests might want - from soap and shampoo to hangers and "Do Not Disturb" signs. All our hotel supplies are guaranteed to enhance your guest rooms. We believe that our service and quality makes us one of the best hotel suppliers in China.

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Room Amenities Set

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Toiletries and Bottles

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Hotel Slippers

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Hotel Soaps

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Hotel Bathropes

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Hotel Towels

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Hotel Dental Kits

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Hotel Combs

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Hotel Shaving Kits

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Hotel Sewing Kits

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Hotel Vanity Kits

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Hotel Shoes Care Kits

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Hotel Hangers

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Hotel Bags

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Customized Amenity